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Intuitive Document Management Software

M-Files® is an innovative electronic document management system (EDMS) that solves the problems of managing, finding, and tracking documents in today's information-intensive organizations.

M-Files helps businesses succeed in today's fast-paced information-intensive environment by improving efficiency and workflow, maximizing information reuse, eliminating redundancy and avoiding conflicts and data loss.

Document Management software and solutions have traditionally been dominated by expensive, complicated products that require major changes in business processes and extensive IT services and support. M-Files changes this by making document management easy and affordable without trading off important features such as fast search, secure user access permissions, check-in / check-out, version management, workflow and notifications, fast offline and remote use, support for scanned paper documents and email, a web interface and a robust interface for connecting to external databases such as an enterprise CRM or ERP system.

M-Files Doesn't Require Users to Change the Way They Work.

One of the challenges of most document management systems is that they require users to change the way they work, creating the need for extensive training and constant enforcement. M-Files is the only product on the market that provides the necessary features within a seamlessly integrated Windows Explorer interface that supports any Windows application.

How is M-Files different?

Windows integration
M-Files is deeply integrated with Windows and is the only document management solution that has a Windows Explorer user interface that is instantly familiar to anyone who uses Windows.

Application integration
M-Files' integrates seamlessly with all Windows applications by virtue of its deeply integrated architecture. This means any application, including Office apps, CAD, accounting and inventory solutions, etc., transparently access M-Files data vaults with standard File commands such as Open, Save, Save as, etc.

Reliability and Performance
M-Files is the only system to offer a "virtual-local" drive that bridges the gap between centralized data storage and local compute resources. With M-Files users work with all the performance and reliability provided by their local computer and hard drive, while M-Files' unique caching mechanism transparently synchronizes with the central data vault. Unlike other systems that use mapped network drives to store data, M-Files always delivers fast "local" performance and reliability, even when the network or server is slow or unavailable due to a crash, periods of high loads or network traffic, or when traveling or working from home. As soon as the connection is re-established, M-Files automatically synchronizes with the server.
Files that can be managed by M-Files:
  • Standard Office documents including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as other documents
  • PDF files
  • CAD models and drawings
  • Pictures on image files such as JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.
  • Emails and email attachments
  • Scanned or faxed paper documents
  • Any other document, file or information, such as:
-Customers, Contacts, Employees, etc.
-Equipment and products, such as computer or a medical device
-Tasks, Actions, and more...


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FME Solutions

In terms of connectivity, the FME interface eliminates data silos and you will be able to move them more easily. You will be able to transform your data, using any combination of more than 500 transformers to modify your information exaclty for your needs. Moreover, you will save time by turning manual tasks into repeatable workflows, so your workflows will be automated.


Long-time M-Files partner, Geomap GIS America, not only moves to Gold Level status, but augments its solution offerings by becoming an Authorized Service Partner.
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ARMA Canada 2019

Geomap GIS America is pleased to announce its first participation in the ARMA Canada Conference from June 3 to 5, 2019!
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