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The GoMap Suite is an integrated solution for utilities and government. It provides a set of tools to manage and share spatial and asset information across your organization. It improves decision making processes by enhancing data quality and availability and by allowing integration with enterprise information systems. Therefore different departments such as engineering, GIS, planning and others can leverage each other’s data and lower their information management costs. The GoMap Suite includes several totally integrated applications (GoMap WEB, GoMap INFRA, GoMap PLANNING, GoMap PERMITS and more).

GoMap INFRA is a complete design and management solution that allows you to manage your infrastructure asset data more efficiently through a thick client (AutoCAD Map 3D or Civil 3D) or from a Web interface, used for both viewing and editing. GoMap utilizes both Geomap and Autodesk geospatial technologies. It facilitates interoperability between systems and allows sharing of your data across departments, Elected officials or even citizens.

Improves your infrastructure asset management
GoMap INFRA integrates your infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, buildings, etc.) and urban planning (assessments, land registry, taxes, zoning, permits and others) data. It is an effective tool to design topological infrastructure networks as well as manage your assets and inventory. Through the application of business rules and data entry validation, GoMap INFRA enhances the quality of your information therefore allowing you to make better decisions.

Customize the solution to fit your needs
GoMap INFRA is based on an open and flexible framework that you can configure to match your specific processes and business rules. Using an administrative console, you can add new layers of information, implement business rules, configure security, manage reports, modify and create your own element forms and much more. Because the solution is so flexible, it will evolve with your organization ensuring your full autonomy.

Capital Improvement projects tracking
GoMap INFRA includes a data model and data dictionary with predefined user forms and rules for practically all types of infrastructure assets and inventory. The solution can also be mapped to the data structure of a third party application, thus allowing the integration of the information contained in that system to be used directly in GoMap INFRA without any need for data conversion, regardless of its source. GoMap will allow you to maintain your infrastructure asset data information current by tracking inspections, improvement projects and completed work ensuring a follow-up on your Capital Improvement Plan.

Live information at your fingertips
The solution is integrated to maps, plans, aerial photography and attribute data, which provides its user with a complete picture. Through real-time synchronization, GoMap INFRA allows the edition and sharing of data, according to defined parameters of security and integrity, directly through your Web browser, thus eliminating data duplication.

Manage reports and charts
It is essential for the manager to have access to a multitude of tools in order to properly communicate the situation within or outside of his/her organization. The solution offers numerous possibilities of linking objects, querying the system graphically or not, with results being displayed as plans, thematic maps, reports and publishable and printable charts. The manager is also able to analyze and display customized statistical reports.


The solution is based on the Geomap technology and integrates into AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Civil 3D, MapGuide as well as other GIS and Open Source platforms. GoMap supports various databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.) using a bidirectional interface.


GEOMAP GIS AMERICA is delegating its Autodesk business unit



FME Solutions

In terms of connectivity, the FME interface eliminates data silos and you will be able to move them more easily. You will be able to transform your data, using any combination of more than 500 transformers to modify your information exaclty for your needs. Moreover, you will save time by turning manual tasks into repeatable workflows, so your workflows will be automated.


Long-time M-Files partner, Geomap GIS America, not only moves to Gold Level status, but augments its solution offerings by becoming an Authorized Service Partner.
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ARMA Canada 2019

Geomap GIS America is pleased to announce its first participation in the ARMA Canada Conference from June 3 to 5, 2019!
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