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GEOMAP GIS Facilities Management offers a suite of integrated tools and modules designed for asset, facilities and infrastructure management, based on Autodesk Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide technologies.

It meets the needs of the managers of large sites, head offices, buildings, and is adapted whatever the number of square meters to be managed, and whatever the type of need – asset management, space management, furniture and equipment inventory, building operations, maintenance management, strategic planning, telecommunications and cabling.

GEOMAP GIS Facility Management Solution makes computerized management of assets, facilities and infrastructures easier, from a relational database, files and numeric information layers. It combines and structures data originating from many different applications and site locations within your organizations and manages the information workflow.

GEOMAP GIS Facility Management Solution includes a search engine and different spatial analysis tools to interrogate the system with graphical, geographical, alphanumerical (SQL) and topological queries. It can easily be integrated to the existing information system, and is flexible enough to adapt itself to upcoming technologies and software.

Powered by GIS Object Technology
Using Autodesk Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide technologies, you can execute thematic queries, work on digital designs, create and edit objects, add or modify information layers, make spatial and geographical analysis and generate reports.

Management of information workflow
GEOMAP FM is a complete information management system which gathers data from databases, plans, drawings, maps, and all types of document to manage the information workflow.

Updates and data security
All modifications are automatically updated in the database as well as in the graphical interface in real time, thus ensuring the same view on the data to all users.

Spatial data
GEOMAP FM can connect to any data base format using the ODBC standard. The spatial extension of our solution allows to store spatial geometry in Oracle, Oracle Spatial, SQL Server and Ms Access.

Publication of data on the intranet
Through Web access, the solution allows users and services to visualize, analyze and even update data simultaneously. Users connected to the organization’s intranet or the Internet, plan work, view drawings, open forms and modify graphic and database information. The application manages data consistency and user profiles.

Project Mode
When in the project mode, current state of assets is never directly affected by changes, which are still at the state of “what if scenarios”. Users work on a copy of the existing state and can simulate as much as they like.

Strong Points

  • Access to databases through Internet or an intranet
  • Automated and instantaneous modifications and updates of graphical and alphanumerical files
  • Based on Autodesk Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide objectoriented technologies
  • Management of graphic and alphanumeric data, without any loss or duplication of information
  • Powerful simulation and history tools
  • Powerful object connection tools
  • Generates schematic drawings, plans, maps, etc.
  • Easy to integrate to existing applications and systems
  • Shared red-lining in real-time
  • Query engine and wizard
  • Complete, modular, and scalable


Equipment management and inventory
  • Facility management (locations, buildings, floors)
  • Localization and inventory of furniture and equipment
  • Project management and follow-up (construction, demolition, renovation, maintenance, etc.)
  • Financial and administrative management
Space management
  • Layout reports
  • Space occupation reports
  • Area calculation, premises availability and occupation planning
Networks management
  • Computer, telecommunications, electricity
  • Underground or aerial pipes
  • Pipes and distribution networks.
Moving management
  • Map creation, management and follow-up of moves
  • Relocations and layout simulations
  • Automated room and space occupation reports
  • Relocations follow-up and reports
  • Hardware assignment to users
Occupant management
  • Location and relocation of occupants
  • Awarding and distribution of equipment
  • Workstations : networks and connections (telecommunications and computers)
Security and maintenance
  • Work planning
  • Management and follow-up of interventions
  • Management and follow-up of maintenance contracts
  • Security control
  • Access to facilities control


GEOMAP GIS AMERICA is delegating its Autodesk business unit



FME Solutions

In terms of connectivity, the FME interface eliminates data silos and you will be able to move them more easily. You will be able to transform your data, using any combination of more than 500 transformers to modify your information exaclty for your needs. Moreover, you will save time by turning manual tasks into repeatable workflows, so your workflows will be automated.


Long-time M-Files partner, Geomap GIS America, not only moves to Gold Level status, but augments its solution offerings by becoming an Authorized Service Partner.
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ARMA Canada 2019

Geomap GIS America is pleased to announce its first participation in the ARMA Canada Conference from June 3 to 5, 2019!
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